Your Vision | Goals, Clarity, and Focus

August 8, 2015

your vision and goals

Your Vision

Your vision is a scenario in your mind that moves you emotionally and/or physically. It is that bigger picture you are trying to attain in life. Your goals are stepping stones, while clarity and focus are vital tools necessary to make your vision come to fruition. A vision is a living dream, a live possibility. Ultimately, you have full control of the shape and color of that vision.

Acceptance and Moving On

With that said, rest assured that life does happen. We all know this. Regardless of the challenges facing you, you can achieve your dream. However, stand clear on which things or events can be controlled and which ones cannot be controlled. Oftentimes, we have to accept the things we have no power over. Realistically speaking, acceptance isn’t always weakness, it is a sign of empowerment. Therefore, it is useless fighting something that isn’t malleable at your request. Work on that vision of yours!

Here are a few things to keep in mind about your vision:

1. Set realistic goals – your vision should not become a source of frustration and depression. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses. You don’t have to down-size your dreams at all. Being realistic simply means that you are setting expectations with clarity. Work on your weaknesses if possible. Be sure to hone your skills, gain experience in the field of interest. Plan to climb the ladder one rung at a time. In due time, you will be further along than expected.

2. Be specific – research what is already out there and become acquainted with the specific areas of whatever it is that you want to delve into. If you would like to become a published author, understand that a children’s book author writes differently than a science fiction or fantasy writer. Starting your small business isn’t the same as working for a small business owner.

3. Stay focused – distractions are everywhere. Life happens and we don’t always see it coming. People can drain you of your energy; avoid these situations as much as possible. Staying focused is a virtue when setting realistic goals. If you work sixty hours a week, how much time can you realistically put into taking graphic design courses?

4. Never give up – there is a difference between realizing that your goals are not going to be met and giving up once you have started your journey. Idleness is a wily fog that can easily deter you from your dreams. Take a break if you’ve lost clarity of vision. You can rest, reevaluate your plan, and start over if necessary. Try to stick with a plan. Never give up! If you want some more inspiration, read my post about the importance of hope.

5. Be grateful for your supporters – it is best to keep those that support you close and avoid negative people who have no constructive criticism to offer you. If you have no one to cheer you on, your vision is yours to begin with so continue to pursue your dreams! If you need some assistance, feel free to ask around and see what help is available. The universe intended for you to be greatness and you are. Do not lose sight of your vision!

In conclusion, your vision will take form, as you desire. Do the work and believe in yourself. Your evocation is the seed that will help it grow.

Is your dream catching dust? Time to wake up, your vision is a calling! You have the luxury of always having NOW (this very moment) to commence anything positive. Good luck to you!