Tropical Smoothie | Drink Your Snack

November 19, 2017

tropical smoothieSnacking is something many of us do in-between meals. Sometimes we snack to revive, nourish and wake us up. I don’t constantly snack, but I do snack when necessary. Necessary in my case means hunger or hypoglycemia (low blood glucose). Snacking healthy has its benefits.

We don’t always feel like eating whole grains snacks and sometimes we don’t feel like eating raw trail mix. Well…how about drinking your snack? I mean just drink a smoothie as a snack! A tropical smoothie sounds perfect, right? I thought so. The tropical smoothie is full of fiber, Vitamin C, and all of the benefits offered by fresh coconut.

Snack Drink

Smoothies are a health trend and recipes can be found with one single search online. I’m sure you have a favorite recipe of your own. Recently, I have been in the mood for different kind of a snack. Fruit, nuts and prepackaged treats were not what I am in the mood for these days.

Coconuts are a nearly perfect food to me. Why not come up with something using fresh coconuts? I decided to try a mock Pina Colada Smoothie. Not a big deal right? Yes, but the point is that I also wanted fresher, if not raw snacks for myself. Green smoothies weren’t what I was going for they are a normal part of my diet. Nothing new or experimental was on my mind, just a snack that was easy to make and full of the flavors that I enjoy.

I made a textured yet slightly creamy Tropical Smoothie with less fruit and vegetables than the norm. Luckily, it’s loaded with Vitamin C from the fruit included. Here is the very simple and tasty smoothie recipe that I now love:

Tropical Smoothie Snack Recipe

1/2 cup organic frozen pineapples
3-5 fresh organic strawberries
1/2 cup fresh organic cubed cantaloupes
2 cups (16 oz.) homemade coconut milk (or canned)
2-3 pinches of orange and/or lemon zest (optional)
1 tablespoon organic coconut sugar, organic agave, raw honey or your preferred sweetener

tropical smoothie

Add all of the fruit and sweetener into the blender. Straining the smoothie is optional but the joy of it is drinking it as a snack. The texture from all of the blended ingredients make this an enjoyable treat. Add ice cubes as preferred. Pour into a mason jar and store the rest in the refrigerator. You have an easy, refreshing, healthy, and guilt-free snack drink. Enjoy!