Self-Esteem and Positive Projection

August 20, 2015



Self-Esteem is value placed the Self, a sense of respect and reverence for the person that you are.  A person with low self-esteem has not been able to or cannot reach this level of confidence. Most of us struggle with insecurities that aren’t always easy to overcome. The very first step to increasing self-esteem is to begin with one thing that you like about yourself. That’s it! Just one thing. Next, you can gradually add on to that list. No rush! No competition! This is your project for your growth. Begin to journal or use sticky notes. Place them on mirrors or your home office area. Use them as little reminders of who you truly are.

Positive Projection

Positive projection is what we want to incorporate into our daily lives but first…
Projection is usually a psychological and negative defense mechanism. Someone with low self-esteem who has a bad habit of spreading vicious rumors might project their actions onto others. They do this by criticizing others who they believe to be “viciously spreading rumors” about others. That is called projection and it is not a healthy way of expressing oneself. Relationships are strained and tainted with negativity from negative projection.

Having good self-esteem allows room for positive projection. The heart is open and we attract others who see our confidence. Others with similar characteristics appear more in our lives. It is easier to project from a more positive place. ‘I am confident and appreciate life. I also appreciate that in you.’

When faced with challenges from those who do not appreciate us, positive self-esteem allows us to move on. Simply put, it is a choice. There is no need to stand in negative space. Maybe we can’t always physically be removed from a bad situation, but our attitude is in our control.

In Other Words…

Value yourself, you are worthy! The more you cater to the beauty within, the more you will connect to the world around you in an honest and gracious manner. Negative people have plenty to teach us.  Aside from that, place value on others and practice what you preach.

More of life begins to look beautiful because that’s how you feel about yourself. Maybe not every single person or thing, but just enough to make you feel alive!