Orchids please! They don’t have to be roses…

February 9, 2016

I love pink orchids
Pink Cymbidium – Orchids

Well, they really don’t have to be roses. I love the aesthetic influence of flowers. Nature has granted us beauty in it’s most poetic and tangible form. flowers are life! Now, I was never a huge fan of red roses. They became clique and unoriginal in my mind. For the sake of clarity, this does not mean that if my husband brought me roses that I’d hate the gesture. The man does try so I appreciate that. However, roses are not my first choice when it comes to flowers.

I love pink! I really love pink orchids! Clearly they speak to me and I feel them telling me to love them because they are beautiful. Orchids are simple yet detailed in their design. Wasn’t it Coco Chanel who told us that less is more? Well the pink orchid exemplifies all of that. Gosh, it’s such a beautiful flower…

The orchid flower isn’t just a pretty face. Here are a few facts about orchids:
1. I was fascinated to discover the vanilla bean is a species of orchid called Vanilla planifolia.
2. There are a suggested 25,00 and more species of orchids, including hybrids.
3. Orchids are deceitful beauties. They are known to trick insects into pollination by mimicking aphrodisiacs that attract the male insect. The insect is fooled and proceeds to pollinate other orchids. Learn more…

As seductive and deceitful as these orc hid flowers are, I love their beauty. However, there is something eerie about the look and and behavior of some orchids. Some orchids resemble monkeys and owls, just a name a couple. This is no simple little flower!

Nature has a way of surprising of us when are present in her wonder. With time and permission from my senses, I’m learning to appreciate the nuances, subtleties, and magic in nature. Orchids are powerful and unapologetic with their wiles. I find the orchid to be a fascinating creation.

What are your favorite flowers?