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 Lovely Natural Oils and Butters!

Natural oils and butters have taken over the beauty world. The market is saturated with old favorites and new discoveries. As consumers we are guaranteed something new at any given moment. Here on Bonjour Mimi, I aim to share my personal experience with some of these raw materials.


Choosing the right products means doing the work. Research is obligatory if you have allergies or sensitive skin. My preferences regarding carrier or base oils are vegan and organic. It just so happens that they work really well in my formulations. Vegan organic carrier oils also make great stand alone skin care oils.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are Aromatherapy 101. The essence of plants, flowers and resins provide natural scents that are safer than parfum and fragrances. Sure Bubble Gum butter smells divine but Palmarosa Soap is way better! Soap-making introduced me to synthetic fragrance oils. Eventually, I learned that pthlates are problematic for my sensitive skin. Conventional essential oils replaced the fragrances oils in my skin care products. Ultimately I use organic essential oils for products used on my face. I switch back and forth between organic and conventional essential oils depending on my needs. By now we hopefully have learned that natural doesn’t always mean safe. For example, taking certain medications may prevent free use of certain essential oils. articles posted in this category provide this information when possible.

Carrier Oils

Vegetable carrier oils can be found almost anywhere these days. My preference is to find and buy the highest quality oils. Essential oils, carrier oils, resins, and herbal oils are important items in my personal inventory


In time, my supply of natural butters has grown.  Over the years I have learned endless information and the many uses of these lovely natural butters.
Gradually, I added new saturated fats to my homemade formulations. I wasn’t interested in overstocking my shelves. However, I did make a purchase every once in a while. I didn’t want to be overwhelmed by too many raw materials that did have expiration dates. Furthermore, cost and quality are important factors to consider when choosing butters and oils. Higher quality usually means higher cost.

Samples made my discovery process much easier. Unfortunately, not every vendor offers samples. Again, I did the research whenever it was possible. Noteworthy is the fact that higher cost doesn’t always mean that the product itself is high quality.

For the Love of Oils and Butters

In conclusion, I’m here to share with all of you. My favorite natural oils and butters are a large part of the Health & Wellness and Natural Beauty categories. Note that I am not a naturopathic doctor nor am I a botanist. I always encourage my readers to do their own research before using any new products. I’m here to share my own experiences. Hopefully, this will help you discover healthier lifestyle alternatives.

Anyone interested in discovering the world of vegetable butters and oils should try samples. sometimes samples aren’t available to us. Simply research the products that appeal to you. The next step is to give them a try.

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