Homemade Coconut Milk | A Delicious Vegan Alternative

July 8, 2015

Homemade coconut milk is something I have been waiting to make. Coconut milk recipes are found online with a quick search. A couple of techniques used to make coconut milk and its many uses compelled me to give it a try. I love everything coconut! I also enjoy making nut milks and coconut milk is something I was excited about as another alternative to cow’s milk.

Coconut Milk is Good!
Homemade coconut milk has many benefits including Vitamin C, folate, choline, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and phytosterols. Coconut milk is also full of saturated fats. Given the controversial disputes regarding the liberal use of saturated fats in coconut oil, I personally did my research and find that I am comfortable using coconut  milk in my diet. I also understand that it is nonetheless a saturated fat and I do not overuse it.

coconut milk

Full of saturated fats at 50.7 grams per cup, coconut milk is also an energy booster. This creamy treat is a better option for vegans or those with lactose intolerance. Again, I use it in moderation. In my opinion, a very good thing can easily become a health risk if used incorrectly. Learn more about coconut milk nutritional data here.

Canned Coconut Milk
I have tried canned coconut milk for making soap. I never fully appreciated canned coconut milk for consumption. Between the BPA-lined cans and the guar gum, I never felt like I was using the real thing. The good news is that some companies offer BPA-free canned organic coconut milk and others offer natural versions. My concern is mostly with BPA since I don’t believe there is a huge difference between regular or organic coconuts for beauty products. If you choose to cook or make drinks with canned coconut milk, make sure that you read the labels. I would not recommend consuming too much of the canned milk but many use it as a staple in their cooking. The good in all of this is that the choice is truly yours.

Making Coconut Milk
Some recipes called for the use of shredded coconuts. This is practical but I wanted to start with coconuts just to have the experience of making it fresh. I must say that making almond or walnut milks are time consuming. I prepared myself but this is really easy to make.

Visit here to learn how to make coconut milk using shredded coconuts and a cheesecloth.

Coconut Milk Recipe
1 fresh coconut (aged with brown shell)
2 cups warm filtered water
Coconut water (optional)

Heat 2 cups of water without boiling. I used a hammer to crack the whole coconut and let the water fall into a glass bowl. I used a paring knife to remove the flesh from the shell and then cut them into smaller pieces. Add coconut and 1 cup of warm water to blender. Set the rest of the water aside. Puree for 2 to 3 minutes. Coconut puree is fatty and creamy and you don’t want to miss out on any of that by blending it to a liquid consistency.

coconut milk pulp

Next, I used a glass bowl to catch the milk as I squeezed the milk from the pureed coconut using a strainer.  I used gloves but I have seen others use their bare hands. A cheesecloth is another option for straining the milk. I added the rest of the water onto the coconut puree and again squeezed more milk into the bowl. Lastly, I poured the coconut water onto the pulp and also squeezed more milk. It’s important to squeeze as much as possible. You can continue to add warm water by increments of 1/2 a cup but be careful not to overdo it.

That Was Easy!
This was not as time consuming! shredded coconuts would have been a breeze but even with a fresh coconut this was fairly easy.  Blend, strain, squeeze. That’s it! Below is an image showing the cream rising to the top. If this happens, just shake well and your homemade coconut milk is ready for use.


coconut milkIn Conclusion…
I’ll be making more coconut milk for all sorts of things. Creamy, delightful, and multi-purpose. This is the good stuff!