Decorative Pillows and Covers

August 10, 2015

decorative pillow covers

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Decorative pillows bring me joy! Design, softness, firmness and beautiful colors make me smile. The pillows add a touch of life to a dull bedset or give life to a boring sofa. Decorative pillows can be found in a variety of styles, colors, sizes, shapes, and fabrics.

Upcycle with Pillow Throw Covers
Whether it’s an old favorite or stained, pillows can be resuscitated. Pillow covers are the solution. I once bought my niece a couple of pillows and they were so cute that I never really paid attention to details in the listing. It turns out that I bought a couple of throw pillow covers. I ended up buying her a solid colored pillow and added the covers as extras.

There is no need to throw away old pillows that can be safely reused. I wouldn’t recommend using covers on pillows that have been used to the point of no return. Make sure to read instructions before throwing them in the washer. Fancy pillows are easily ruined. Upcycle for decorative purposes.

Pillows Everywhere
The living room, the bedroom(s), children’s play rooms, the home office, the kitchen stool no one ever uses, the lonely chair that collects other things, the chaise, outdoors for patio chairs, throw them in the hammock. Any room with a seating area is home for a pretty pillow. I once attended a baby shower where decorative pillows were used to decorate the gift table which was against the wall. The pillows were propped on each end of the table and in between them was a beautiful flower arrangement.

Styles, Fill, and Fabrics
The beauty of home decor is variety! Decorative or throw pillows can be found in many styles including contemporary, retro, classic, vintage, country, and many more styles.

Pillows may be filled with everything from cotton to feathers. Down pillows are the most luxurious in my opinion and tend to be more expensive. Others are stuffed with foam, making these pillows best for decorative purposes instead of using them for napping or resting. Other synthetic fillers include polyester, micro-beads and polystyrene beads (beanbag filling). Synthetic filled pillows tend to be more affordable. If you are allergic to certain materials, make sure to read labels and purchase pillows that are safe to use. In the end, the stuffing will help you decide how to use the pillows.

Fabrics can appeal to our sentiments – a satin pillow may feel gentle to you in the store but when you nap with it, you find it makes you sweaty. A cotton pillow might have been a better choice. An embroidered ballerina pillow with tiny embellishments or cabochons is not a good gift for a one-year-old. Fabrics include satin, embroidered, cotton, cotton blends, printed, solids or creative patterns.

Seasonal Flair and Colors
What colors make you feel warm during the colder months? How about those cool designs for warmer weather? Year-round designs are practical room decor options.

Cool Colors
– Relaxing, Serene and Fresh, these colors evoke a cool, crisp summer breeze.
– Blues, Greens, Grays (these colors on a white background)
– Cool colors may remind you of water, ice, frost, or the relaxing environment at a spa

Warm Colors
– Cozy, relaxing, and make you feel “at home”.
– Browns, Oranges, Yellows, Purples, Earthy Multi-Colored.
– Darker colors provide a richness to the room. Richer colors include reds, Burgundys, Dark Browns. Tints and Tones

Neutral Colors
– Light and feathery, “colorless” neutrals bring balance to a room’s decor.
– Neutral colors may incite feelings of coldness and dullness (lighter greys, blues, white).
– Browns and creams bring warmth to the color palette
– Greys, Beige, Black, White, Hues with quiet undertones such as lilac
– Neutrals make nice accents as solid colors or stripes

-I store my pillows in bins when rotating during the seasons. They can also be stored in storage bags. There are times when I don’t change the pillows at all. I simply find other accents that match the room’s decor – lampshades, throws, vases, wall art, centerpieces or DIY projects are superb ways of adding a splash of fabulous to any room.

-Mix and match solid colors with bold patterns, designs that are different but cohesive (birds and branches or puppies and kittens, etc.) There are no limits when it comes to decorating rooms in the home. Let your creativity guide you and your senses will respond.

The choices are endless. It’s best to begin by discovering your options as you become more educated about what is available. Add some color and spice to your home decor with decorative pillows and have fun picking them out. A Pinterest board might be just the thing to inspire you!

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