Daylily | Life Lessons From A Beautiful Summer Flower

July 27, 2017

Daylily (Hemerocallis)

It’s the first day of summer! My flowers are bright and beautiful in my yard. and they humble me. Yes, the beautiful daylily! Mother Nature doesn’t have a problem flaunting her beauty. Her wisdom enlightens! She does it gracefully and I am here for all of the glory!

daylily bonjour mimi

Conspicuous yet subtle, the daylily  is a special flower. Daylilies are resilient and seem convinced that
their job is to provide an aesthetic experience. Like many of us, she goes about her business,
come rain or shine. These are very low-maintenance flowers. They are available in a variety of beautiful colors from bright orange to pale pink. My own are very light yellow or cream and bright orange.

The cream colored daylilies in my yard have a deliciously vanilla scent. Yes indeed, the aroma is sweet and fairly potent. When I catch a whiff, I want to capture it and use it to my own benefit.

One Month Is All I Get

Most daylilies are in bloom during the summer season for a brief period of three to four weeks. Some remain in bloom longer but my own daylilies stick around for about a month. They are such amazing flowers that I want them here for as long as possible. Daylilies provide beauty for a day, making them diurnal flowers. Every morning, a new flower blooms to replace the old one. Some open up at night but what makes them special is how they embellish the space they inhabit during those long summer days. The nocturnal daylily is probably just as impressive as the diurnal but I’d rather enjoy them during the day.

What I Have Learned From The Beautiful Daylily

I’m not an expert gardener nor am I a florist or a botanist, but I’m learning! Flowers are therapeutic and it is my belief that they are underrated healers. You don’t even need to be feeling down for flowers to uplift. Nature’s magic is that is and it’s absolutely organic. The soul can be cleansed by simply watching flowers in bloom. I’ve learned from these flowers that I can push through my challenges. Gracefully, patiently, and consistently, I grow and exist beautifully! I’m not ashamed to admit that I have an emotional connection to these flowering plants. Every summer when they die off, I watch them through my window. Before removing the dried flowers, I observe them well. It’s as if they are telling me, “We’ll be back. We’ll see you next year!”

Honestly, daylilies are a supreme reminder that life does go on. Nature’s intelligence is magically in tune with our need for answers, healing and serenity.