Butterfly Earrings

August 6, 2015

About the butterfly earrings…

Let me begin by saying that there was a time when I abhorred the idea of bronze jewelry. I did not look twice if I saw even the cutest bronze earrings. I say that because aside from hoop earrings, I fell in love with simple artisan earrings. Of course Etsy was and is the one place online that never lets me down.

butterfly earrings

One day I decided to search for leaf earrings. Page after page, shop after shop, and my eyes fell upon these butterfly earrings. They were pretty, handmade, and the perfect size. Well, they were also bronze! Yes, bronze!

I didn’t give myself a chance to contemplate my decision – I bought the bronze butterfly earrings!

image of butterfly earrings

The earrings are my favorite pair to wear. They are light and sometimes I forget I am wearing them. The earrings also match nearly everything. That’s it! I love these earrings and and I now have a new appreciation for bronze jewelry.I wasn’t a bad idea to just go for it!

I love these butterfly earrings! You can visit Cheap and Chicland Jewelry, the Etsy store where I purchased these earrings. Cute and affordable!

This is the reason why I enjoy shopping at Etsy – I could make my own but I also support artisan small businesses. đŸ™‚