Anemia | How I Cured It With Diet and Supplements

December 14, 2015

What is anemia?

Anemia occurs as a result of low red blood cell production. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to tissues in the body. Iron is necessary to produce hemoglobin. Low iron levels from diet or other medical conditions may cause anemia. Excessive blood loss is also a contributing factor. The lack of hemoglobin to transport oxygen to the body’s tissues causes fatigue, the inability to focus, and shortness of breath.

Anemia is something I struggled with for the past decade. I would experience random bouts of extreme fatigue and lack of focus. The fatigue was unlike any I’ve ever experienced. Naps are not something that I usually entertain, but they became a normal part of my day. This happened regardless of where I happened to be. Consequently, I suffered from heart palpitations, very pale skin, and dizziness. Getting out of bed was not easy! My limited ability to focus made life difficult to keep up with.

Something is wrong!

As someone living with Type 1 diabetes, I made sure my labs were in tact. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to lethargy and a pre-comatose state. Fortunately, hyperglycemia wasn’t the case. My blood sugars are usually well managed. I was instantly humbled, and knew I could not fix this on my own. I finally mustered up the energy to to seek more medical attention. Anemia was the diagnosis, specifically iron deficiency anemia. Anemia explained the malaise. Learn more about why I was concerned about diabetes possibly causing my distress.

I was given a prescription for ferrous sulfate (iron). After two weeks, this form of iron did a number on my system. First came the excess stomach cramping, then severe constipation. Nausea and vomiting were next. Ferrous sulfate did not do my body any good. My doctor suggested I use Colace stool softener and that made my stomach cramp more than ever. Endless complaints about both the ferrous sulfate and Colace were essentially ignored by my doctor. The iron was replaced by another brand of the same formulation. No relief!


Subsequently, I tripled my intake of green smoothies. Regardless of the recipe, my green smoothies always contained organic spinach and beetroot. Vegetables and fruit were on every counter-top and in every draw in my fridge. The green smoothie that I made included freshly made almond milk, broccoli spears, kale, fresh beets that were stored in the freezer, and plenty of spinach. I sprinkled cinnamon powder in the there and it was tasty. Every now and then I’d add a banana or a few chunks of avocado to switch things up. Eventually, I realized that I wanted more vitamin c in my diet to help with iron absorption. Oranges, pineapple juice, carrots, and lemons were perfect. 85% of my overall diet was comprised of organic foods.

My hemoglobin levels were below 8, so low that even my healthy diet wasn’t enough. Normal hemoglobin levels should fall between 12 and 15, but my numbers were dropping from 10 to 8. The prescribed iron did nothing but make me feel worse.

MegaFood Blood Builder Image
MegaFood Blood Builder

Safely try something different

After some research, I discovered that MegaFood offers a dietary supplement called MegaFood Blood Builder. I researched every ingredient and read countless reviews. This supplement seemed miraculous. It is well known that doctors aren’t always so keen on discussing alternative medicines. That did not stop me from bringing up the topic with mine. A reluctant okay was given. My decision was made and I tried it after I stopped using ferrous sulfate. I followed instructions and took one supplement daily. I was able to take it on an empty stomach without cramping and constipation!

Within two weeks I felt a difference in my energy levels. I continued to take the supplement and after two months, my hemoglobin levels were back to normal.

About the MegaFood supplements

Beet root is added to the supplements and is known to help build blood and enhance energy. MegaFood Blood Builder also contains Vitamin C which helps the body absorb iron. Folate and B-12 are also added and are necessary to help the body make red blood cells. Blood Builder is true to its name. Given such superb results, I keep a bottle of MegaFood Blood Builder in my kitchen cabinet at all times. In my case, nothing has ever worked so quickly and efficiently for anemia.

Folate from green vegetables and iron from beet root for anemia (see your doctor)

Should you be inclined to try a safer iron supplement like MegaFood Blood Builder, be sure to speak with your health care professional before using it. Doing so could prevent complications from either health conditions you may have, or other medicines you are taking. The ingredients are whole foods based but it is best to take extra precautions. This supplement saved my life!. Blood Builder supplements come in bottles of 30, 60, 90, and 180 tablets. The supplement is a bit pricey but worth every penny! After recovering from anemia, I use the left-over supplements every now and then. I was not going to let these superb supplements go to waste in the cabinet. I have had no need to use the supplement since my recovery.

A full recovery from anemia

Finally, my hemoglobin levels now run at optimal levels from 12 to 14. MegaFood Blood Builder supplements worked for me along with a healthy diet. Please do not begin taking any form of supplements without first speaking to your doctor.

Where Blood Builder can be purchased, in-store or online.

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