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Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad that you are here. If you have made it this far into the blog, then I think you may have found something of interest to you, or maybe for someone else. Before you get started, I’ve created this Start Here page to help guide you through the blog. I meant it when I said that there is a bit of everything on my blog. Grab your herbal tea and let’s get started! Learn more about me and the creation of Bonjour Mimi! here.

Health & Wellness

Health & wellness are equally important for living a satisfying lifestyle. Here you’ll find articles providing a variety of articles and so much more.

Articles provide useful tips and educational guides for living a healthy life. You’ll find DIY wellness projects, giveaways, recipes, and physical health guides. Our health and wellness matter! Stay tuned for more!

Vegan Milk

Simple and homemade milk alternatives that you and your family will enjoy. My milk recipes are vegan-friendly and useful for the lactose intolerant. I hope you enjoy, they really are delicious!

Natural Beauty

The Beauty category offers a basic guide to natural personal care. Not all solutions for beauty challenges are natural and organic but most of my articles lean toward natural beauty solutions. You’ll find educational content, product recommendations and do-it-yourself recipes. It’s our beauty, let’s make better choices. Subcategories include Hair Care, Skin Care, and Artisan Soap.

Artisan Soap

Handcrafted, artisan soap that I find joy in creating. I mostly make cold-process soaps with raw ingredients. You’ll also see different techniques used to make each batch of soap. Safety, experimentation, and my soap making recipes and discoveries can all be found in the Artisan Soap category.

Home Life

You will find some home goodies in this category. I offer styling tips, some DIY ideas, and home decor product suggestions. Style for the home is a smile for you


Articles and stories that encourage healthy family life practices. Become inspired and encourage a safe, open, and educational environment in the home. I offer tips and more for healthy parenting and healthy kids. You will find content that also offers advice about experiences with extended family members. Since you’re here on the blog, you might as well get started with what I share here with you. You, your partner, anyone else who supports your family decide how proactive everyone ought to be in your family’s wellness routines!

Parenting Healthy Kids – Making healthy choices for our children also teaches them about general health and wellness. Our kids deserve a decent lifestyle that includes emotional and physical health, security, and fun!


Here you will find little treasures that I have discovered. I hope you enjoy them and feel inspired to find your own favorite things.


The Style category provides a look into my personal fashion sense, seasonal trends, and general style articles. I hope you find the inspiration to create something that you love.


I bring you my thoughts, words to inspire, beautiful quotes, and the work of writers that I appreciate.  Words are powerful and we choose how we use them to express ourselves. I thought it only fair to share them with you. Inspiration with words. Fortunately, we have this power within us. Enjoy!


Visit the shop and get the products that you need for DIY recipes and formulations, personal health and healthy personal care. I’ll offer item recommendations for the home, books, music, and anything else that may help to make life simpler.

Affiliate Disclosure

Transparency is important to me if I expect you, my readers to trust in what I’m blogging about. Affiliate links may be used in some of my articles and posts. Learn more here.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the blog, Bonjour Mimi!

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Mimi M.