Jasmine Green Tea | A New Way of Looking At Sweet Tea

June 13, 2014

Jasmine Green Tea is a treasure! If you’re a tea lover as I am, then you know about the sweetness of jasmine green tea. If you have never tried jasmine tea then I implore you to give it a try. Jasmine green tea is serenity in a cup! Did I mention the aroma? Countless times have I stood in my kitchen and just reveled in the intoxicating scent of these tea bags. Unfortunately, my water would cool down and I’d have to reheat it. Now I do myself a favor and heat the water when I am ready. I don’t drink jasmine green tea daily. I consider it my go-to for stressful days and sleepless nights.

jasmine green tea
Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea

A deep floral aroma envelopes my senses when I smell jasmines and this tea is the sweetest tea I’ve ever had. It has nothing to do with barrels of sugar and everything to do with the finest nature has to offer the soul. I can’t say enough about jasmine green tea!

Jasmine green tea has relaxant properties and you should make sure that there are no interactions if on medication. Here are some of the reasons why I appreciate jasmine green tea:

-Carminative (like peppermint tea, it helps with stomach upset and flatulence)
-Antioxidant Polyphenols  (protect cells against free radicals)

If not for the numerous health benefits of jasmine green tea, it relaxes and soothes the body. The warm floral aroma is unique and inviting. Unhealthy sweet tea, loaded with sugar, is incomparable to jasmine green tea.

I learned that Jasmine Green Tea is usually made by adding jasmine essential oil to green tea. This explains the strong and mesmerizing scent in some brands. This information also suggests that jasmine leaves are not always used to make the tea. Jasmine flowers are less potent than the essential oil. I suggest taking some precautions if you have allergies or other medical conditions that warrant extreme caution. Pregnant women should be aware of the risks. Please read labels, do some research, and speak with a medical professional before using this wonderful tea. This information has not changed my appreciation for jasmine green tea. The health benefits outweigh everything else.