Cocoa Butter Soap | A Revised Soap Recipe

July 25, 2017

Cocoa butter soap is my favorite when shea butter is added. Recently, I decided to update a soap recipe that included both shea and cocoa butters. I always loved that recipe because it allowed me to create a soft, bubbly, and moisturizing bar of soap. The shea and cocoa butters gave it its unique nutty scent. However, I wanted to try something new and hence, decided to use kokum butter along with the other two butters. I had my apprehensions about accidentally creating a crumbly disaster since using too may hard oils can encourage that.

cocoa butter soap
What fun is soap making if we can’t or won’t experiment? Safely experiment! I did my research and then proceeded to try this new recipe. Soap makers know that anything can go wrong with any given recipe. The formula for fun soap making is safety and educated experimenting. I’m having a flashback as I type… I don’t mean to sound dramatic. Finally, please do your research about soap making safely! In time, you’ll be able to read more detailed soap making guides on this blog.

Cocoa Butter Soap Recipe

30% Olive Oil
20% Virgin Coconut Oil
20% Raw Shea Butter
15% Raw Cocoa Butter
10% Castor Oil
5 % Kokum Butter

No essential oils were added and I did not superfat this batch. If you decide to try this recipe, you can adjust the amount of oils by percentage. Always run your recipe through a lye calculator. The lye calculator will give you detailed recipe instructions including the amount of lye and liquid you’ll need to make soap. The first two lye calculators listed below are best for beginners.

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Brambleberry Lye Calculator
Suds N’ Scents Lye Calculator
Majestic Mountain The Sage Lye Calculator

Ultimately, I took that risk and the soap turned out well. After letting it cure for six weeks, I tried it and was a good bar of soap. There was plenty of thick, luxurious lather. It left my skin soft and dryness was not an issue at all. The kokum butter might have caused a tiny bit of cracking around the edges. I noticed this when cutting the bars. Aside from that, I liked this cocoa butter soap a lot and will be making it again. If you decided to use this recipe, let me know how it turned out. Learn how I began making soap here.

cocoa butter soap