Calendula Soap – A Bar of Sunshine

June 10, 2014

These are not calendula flowers, but they are pretty
These are daisies I had laying around, not calendula/marigold flowers

Calendula soap is something I enjoy making on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Yellow is one of my favorite colors and it is no wonder that calendula or marigold is my favorite flower. There is always a container of dried calendula leaves in my cabinet. The crafter inside of me  can’t refrain from making this soap whenever I experience spring or summer  soap-making fever.

Calendula is not just a pretty flower, it has many health benefits. Click here to read about calendula and its health benefits.

About this soap-making process
I prefer to make cold process soap because I began making soap to control the ingredients added to each batch. However, there are times when I use premade melt and pour soap bases. Melt and pour soap bases are great for crafts when working with children. No lye is involved making the process safe for children. I also go to melt and pour bases when I just want to experiment with ideas floating around in my sudsy mind. Pre-made MP (melt and pour) soap is not all natural and organic, but it is an option safe enough for crafters and beginners alike. Lye is a caustic chemical and I don’t advise anyone to advance with this process until after doing thorough research on every step involved. I began making soap using MP and that inspired me to become further educated about the art of soap-making. For now, pre-made MP is the process used to make these beautiful bars. Within minutes, a soap project is completed without the hassle of starting from scratch.

The process
I melted 1 1/2 lbs. of ultra clear transparent coconut glycerin MP soap base over a double-boiler. After it was thoroughly melted, I added1 drop of annatto seed infused olive oil and mixed until it turned a light golden-yellow. I then added calendula leaves and mixed it. Lastly, I added 12 drops or organic orange essential oil to scent. I continued to stir and removed my glass container from the boiler. I then poured into my mold. To remove bubbles, I lightly sprayed the top of the soap (already in the mold) with rubbing alcohol. I had to work quickly because MP soap will solidify in no time. The oval bars were removed from the mold after 24 hours. I just popped them out and they were to be used. Some were given away and some I kept for myself. This was a fun soap day for me. It just so happened that I was grating soap for French-milled bars when I glanced at the calendula leaves. And, voila!

calendula soap base
Thoroughly melted soap base with essential oil added
calendula soap base in mold
A close-up of the soap in the mold
calendula soap base in mold closeup
A perfect creation for the crafter in you and smells like an orange grove

Finding time to create something pretty for yourself or others is a gift. The final product conjures up pride and inspiration for more to come. With soap-making, even if you mess up, you can recreate something new with the old. If you ever mess up MP soap, you can always grate or thinly slice it to add to another batch of soap as embedded embellishments. Happy soap-making if that’s the craft you choose. 🙂

Where you can find Melt and Pour Soap Bases:
Brambleberry | From Nature With Love | Your Local Craft Supply Store
*Organic MP soap base can be found at Brambleberry