Almond Body Scrub | The Perfect Recipe!

June 20, 2014

This almond body scrub is one my favorites. I enjoy making it and it works really well on my sensitive skin. In a previous post, I mentioned that salt scrubs do not work for me. My skin had a hard time with the rough texture of salt even when it was finely ground. Finely ground sugar works best and this recipe is the one I use the most.



almond body scrub bonjour mimi
My homemade almond body scrub is full of Vitamin E


Almond Body Scrub Recipe

– 1 cup finely ground almonds (almond milk pulp or almond meal)
– 2 tablespoons finely ground organic cane or brown sugar
-1/4 cup finely ground oats
– 1 1/2 ounce ounce organic sweet almond oil (raw coconut oil may be used)
– 10 drops organic vanilla extract (or your choice of essential oils)


Grind half a cup of raw organic almonds in a coffee grinder or magic bullet. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and gently stir until well blended. Add additional oil for a smoother texture. Almond scrub should be stored in a glass mason jar and refrigerated. This recipe is enough for one use or more depending on how much is used. Moisturize after use if necessary, especially for dry skin. Almonds are packed with Vitamin E and are one of the most nutrient-rich of readily available nuts.

Take precautions since the jar will become slippery due to the oil in the scrub. You want to make sure that debris does not clog your tub, a good shower strainer is a must.

I love almonds and everything I make with them is always a treat. I hope you enjoy this simple almond scrub recipe as much as I do. Let’s keep the skin happy! ­čÖé