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Hi, I’m Mimi, a wife, mom, educator and creative artist. I enjoy reading a good book, warm herbal tea, health and wellness, and creating beautiful things. There’s a bit of everything here...”

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In 2009 I created a blog about positive lifestyles. My focus was changing as I wanted to learn more about the ingredients found in what goes in and on my body. I created Bonjour Mimi! so that I could share health, beauty, healthy parenting tips, experiences, and musings with you. I can’t promise you anything will be learned here that you couldn’t find elsewhere in the blogosphere. All I can promise is that I will share my own discoveries, and suggest alternatives. About Bonjour Mimi.

Products mentioned or reviewed on my blog have not been endorsed unless otherwise stated. Please take the time to read the disclaimer and affiliate disclosure located  in the navigation bar. Affiliate links may be found in certain posts or elsewhere on the blog. Quite frankly, my goal is to share with my readers.

Naming the blog

I named the blog Bonjour Mimi! because this blog is about waking up. Growing up in a household of French speakers, this was how I was greeted as a child. It made sense that I should use the greeting for a blog about waking up, and waking up to create beautiful things. This blog is comprehensive in nature and not limited to the subjects of health and beauty.

Waking up to life’s treasures

At this time in my life, my soul organically navigates the world of the naturally beautiful. A bibliophile and lover of the arts, I’m still a curious learner and teacher. However, my classroom is now a wider space. Mentoring and counseling are two areas of my life that have been crucial in my awakening and humility.  I believe that the human story is the force that connects us. I hope you enjoy and find inspiration as I share my journey with you.

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Live. Love. Create. Then create some more…

Love and peace always,

About Bonjour Mimi